52 ft Catamaran Sail in Roatan- 4 Hours

Enjoy a day of sailing, snorkeling and partying aboard a luxurious 52 ft. catamaran in Roatan.  During your sail you will sail down the coast and stop to snorkel the best dive sites in Roatan (Blue Channel, Spooky Channel or the captains choice which is a well guarded secret). The Captain has been sailing his whole life and has sailed the world many times over.  If you like you are invited to take the wheel or grab a line and get involved in the sailing of the boat.

After the sailing and snorkeling you will be served fresh fruit, chips and  alcoholic drinks/sodas. You will finish the trip listening to Roatan island music and watching the sunset . Snorkeling instruction can provided for first-time snorkelers along with life vests and gear. The boat is very wide, stable, and sails along the coast for a calm ride (great for newbies on the water). 

Trips are available at sunset from 2 PM to 6 PM, please confirm availibility.

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