About Us

West Bay Tours was started because we believed we could offer guests something profound. Something more than the crowded synthetic experiences offered by the big tour companies. Travel should be inspiring! It should be real and connect you with the people that make Roatan beautiful.

We specialize in Roatan boat charters, private tours and trips to the deserted islands. We LOVE what we do! We love seeing people happy, seeing people experience something that they never imagined possible. Life is all about moments, and sharing that moments with your family and the people you love. Our grandest vision is that everyone feels this magic. 

We look forward to showing you all the things that make us LOVE Roatan! Call us or email us, we would be happy to answer all of your questions.  

Giving Back in Roatan:

The organizations below work tirelessly to make life better on the island. If you want to bring any donations and want help with logistics please contact us. Also if you are coming from Toronto, we work with Not Just Tourists , an organization which provides desperatly needed medical supplies for free to travellers visiting Roatan.

Clinica Esperenza:

Clínica Esperanza started at the kitchen table of Nurse Peggy. Today more than 3,000 patients consider the Clinic to be their primary medical care provider.  Thus far, more than 50,000 patients have been treated in the Clinic. Clinica Esperanza provides low-cost/no cost medical care to the people of Roatan.