Roatan Private Plane

Chartering a plane in Roatan is easy. For many travelers looking for privacy & luxury, on tight schedules, in groups or looking to get to destinations not offered by the big airline it makes sense. We offer private charter flights in the Bay Islands of Honduras to a range of different locations.

Charter flights in Roatan:

  • Roatan to Utila/ RTB to UII
  • Roatan to Guanaja/ RTB to GJA
  • Roatan to Copan/RTB to RUY
  • Roatan to San Pedro/ RTB to Sap
  • Roatan to Tegucicalpa/ RTB to TGU
  • Roatan  to La Ceiba/ RTB to LCE
  • Roatan to Guatemala/ RTB to Gua
  • Roatan to Costa Rica/ RTB to SJO
  • Roatan to Nicaragua/ RTB to MGA
  • Roatan To Belize/ RTB to BZE
  • Roatan to El Salvador/ RTB to SAL
  • Roatan to Custom flight destination

Private Planes in Roatan :

  •  Cessna 182 Planes/ Cessna 172 Planes for groups of up to 3 passengers.
  •  Twin engine regional commuter aircrafts for groups of up to 9 passengers.
  •  DC-3s and air commanders for groups of up to 19 passengers.
  •  We can also arrange private jets in Roatan, Sea plane charters and private helicopter charters       in the Bay Islands.


Prices for plane rentals in Roatan and the Bay islands will vary depending on the location and number of passangers. Prices start at $1400. Email us for a quote!



US Phone:  (210) 888-0704

Honduras Phone:  011 504 9626 1270