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Roatan Shark Dive

The sharks in the Roatan shark dive are all Caribbean Reef Sharks, all female, displaying a daytime schooling behavior known only to a few species of sharks. Typically reef sharks found in Roatan about 6 to 9 feet long and several hundred pounds each. Divers descend along the mooring line in Cara Cara (there is often current) to a small wall where divers arrange themselves kneeling or standing, back to the wall and facing the Divemaster and anywhere from 10 -20 sharks. A snack of fish (1-2 pounds) is kept in a bucket to keep the sharks interested, divers watching the sharks circling the area.

After 15 or more minutes of watching the sharks, the bucket is presented to the sharks for feeding frenzy as they jostle for position and a snack. At no time are the sharks handled or fed individually. Although this species of shark in Roatan is not known to pose a serious threat to divers we like to keep a healthy respect and a reasonable distance from the bait. Cross this off your bucket list, the shark dive in Roatan is not to be missed!


Length50 Mins

Min./Max. Capacity: 1-6 guests- 3 Days Advances Notice

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing and, Swimwear and sunscreen, Open Water Certification, Dive equipment

Your payment is fully refundable if you cancel your reservation at least 3 days before your tour. You will also receive a full refund if weather conditions or other factors force us to cancel your reservation.

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