Roatan Sub Expedition- Go Down 2500 Ft

Ever wanted to explore the deep and unimaginable? Roatan offers the world´s deepest tourist submarine! The sub is capable of going down 3000ft and has been featured in : National Geographic, Time Magazine,  Discovery Channel.

1000 ft/ 305 M (1.5 hrs)                                                                                                                          

Explore down the second wall, which drops between 200- 700 feet (60-210 meters), and around huge field of boulders at its base. At 1000 feet (305 meters) we can often see over 200 feet (60 meters) horizontally using only natural light. Animals encountered include sea lilies, glass sponges, pom-pom anenomes, and lace coral.

1500 ft/ 460 m (2.5 hrs)                                                                                 

Spend an entire extra hour picking along the boulder fields at the base of the wall. Cat sharks and two types of unusual lobsters are commonly spotted. Doing this dive in the evening increases the chance of seeing more bizarre creatures as they come up from deeper water to feed.

2000ft/ 610 m (3.5 hrs)                                                                           


 Explore the land of perpetual darkness. This region of the ocean covers more than half the planet. The animals here have never known daylight nor season. Many of the creatures date back before the dinosaurs. Fish encountered include jelly-nosed eels, rough sharks, and chimera.

Six Gill Shark Expedition 1500ft (5-9 hrs)                                                  

Go with bait attached to the front of the sub and sit and wait at depths greater than 1500 feet. The sharks that arrive are up to 18 feet long, much larger than any meat eating shark that can be seen in the shallow waters of this area.  This is the dive that National Geographic came to Roatan to shoot and the producer called the most exciting assignment he had ever had on the job.      



Min./Max. Capacity:  2 guests- 14 days advanced booking

What to Bring: Comfortable clothing footwear, camera,

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